Business grants for métis  

non-repayable grant Financing for your métis-owned business

Métis Entrepreneur Equity Program

This program is intended to assist Métis entrepreneurs by providing equity through a non-repayable grant enhancing the applicant’s ability to leverage financing from other institutions and agencies.

Under this program, CCDF can provide a Métis individual a non-repayable contribution of up to 40% of eligible project costs to a maximum of $99,999.

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General GuidelineS

  • Applicants must be of Métis ancestry, have a citizenship Card from the Metis Nation – Saskatchewan, and be operating a business based in Saskatchewan (can be starting a business).
  • Businesses funded must demonstrate viability.
  • Applicants must contribute a minimum of 10% cash equity to the project. (Equity must be in the form of cash and must be unencumbered).
  • If there is a partnership, the business must be 51% owned by a Métis individual and the contribution will be in proportion to the Métis ownership. 
  • The Métis applicant must be actively involved in the business full-time.
  • If a married or common-law couple owns the business and only one is Métis, the Métis person must be integral to the business and the contribution will be in proportion to Métis ownership. 
  • Costs incurred before CCDF’s receipt of an application will not be eligible for funding. 
  • The Métis Entrepreneur Equity Program must be accessed alongside a CCDF interest-free loan. 


Projects Not Eligible

  • Political bodies for political process
  • Cultural activities
  • Social programs
  • Residential real estate
  • Commercial real estate for the sole purpose of lease or rent to others. The applicant’s business must occupy the majority of space and be commercially viable exclusive of the rental/lease income to receive support from CCDF (some exceptions may apply)
  • Contribution towards an asset that can be perceived to be for personal use (car or pickup-truck)
  • Bars (alcohol provider), sexually exploitive businesses in nature, pawnshops, payday loans, tobacco retailer or manufacturer, cannabis, or gambling (some exceptions may apply to gambling – VLTs)
  • Commercial real estate (some exceptions may apply)
  • Basic farming & ranching
  • Payment of dividends
  • Refinancing (some exceptions apply)
  • Restaurants in large Urban Centres (some exceptions apply)

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