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Clarence Campeau Development Fund

Financially Supporting New and Existing Métis Businesses!

Removing financial barriers so that Métis entrepreneurs can start, expand and thrive in business!

What we do

We help Métis entrepreneurs and communities in Saskatchewan by connecting them with funding partners, industry, and other communities. Our goal is to support Métis businesses and stimulate economic development by providing different types of financial assistance, including loans and grants. 

We also aim to develop the management skills of new and existing Métis business owners and entrepreneurs. You can find more information about our programs on our website.

With our non-interest & interest-bearing loans and grants, you can take your business to the next level and make a real impact in your community. We believe in the power of Métis entrepreneurship to create positive change, and we’re committed to supporting you every step of the way. 

So why wait? Contact us to start building the business of your dreams!

Who We Are

The objective of the Fund is to stimulate economic development activities of Métis people and communities.

As a first stop for Métis entrepreneurs and communities in Saskatchewan for 25 years, we leverage relationships with funding partners, industry, and communities to meet the evolving needs of Métis businesses.

We have a team of professionals passionate about helping you.

Programs & Services

Business Planning

We can provide support to Métis entrepreneurs and communities who require a professional business plan to attract financing for their opportunity.

Business Loans & Grants

We offer interest-free & interest-bearing loans and grants for Métis-owned businesses.


Support for Business

We provide Métis entrepreneurs training and professional support for their business to improve their opportunity for success.

Impact on Community

Cumulative Statistics (1998-2022)

Total number of loans and grants approved

Million in loan and grant contributions approved

Million in leveraged financing from other institutions

Jobs created — direct & indirect — through the Fund’s investments

26 Years

Annual Report 2023

Celebrating 26 Years of Supporting Métis Businesses in Saskatchewan

Featured Clients

Armour Safety

“Their approach to helping clients attain their goals cannot be overlooked. It has made the whole process very calming and easy to accomplish”

Ashley & Derek Wold

Armour Safety & Carson Safety Services

Farmer John’s

When I first met with CCDF, they wanted to know more about my idea and why I had this passion. They were so supportive right away, it instantly felt like a partnership.

Audra Hill

Farmer John’s Local Market & Kitchen

Mistik Utility Services

“I definitely see myself having a partnership with CCDF in the future. As a Métis man, it has been pretty great to get an opportunity to work with a Métis focused organization”

Justin Harris

Mistik Utility Services                                                                                                                                                     

Leather Works and Crafts

“I was a bit unsure, but CCDF had the answers. They had the support, that guiding hand.”

Yvette Frank

Leather Works and Crafts