Yvette Frank, Leather Works and Crafts, Foam Lake

By: Cassi Smith

For most of us, our careers are our source of income, a way to provide for ourselves and our family. But for Yvette Frank, it was in retirement that her career became so much more than that.What started as a desire to embrace and learn about her own culture, grew into a business and a way of honouring her family and future generations.“I represent my Métis great grandparents, my grandparents, my Métis mom, my Métis children, and the Métis women. I wanted to do something to provide and meet some needs for society.”

Yvette, now the owner and operator of Leather Works and Crafts by Yvette Frank, started making mukluks and moccasins as a way to learn more about Métis traditions. “When I was working, I was still learning the craft,” she says. “After I retired, I actually started the business.”

Yvette accessed CCDF’s Women’s Microloan and Grant Program, something she says changed her life. “I was a bit unsure, but CCDF had the answers. They had the support, that guiding hand. If it wasn’t for CCDF, I wouldn’t have done what I did.”Yvette says her experience with CCDF has been nothing short of spectacular. “The care, the love, the support – it’s real.”With her husband as her inspiration, Yvette says she is currently the sole employee at Leather Works and Crafts but plans to expand her business in the future.“I would love for my children to embrace it and keep it going so that we can represent more and more. To be a part of our community – it’s so important.”