Carson Safety Services, Lampman & Armour Safety, Regina

By: Cassi Smith

In 2018, Ashley and Derek Wold purchased Armour Safety – a full safety services company offering everything from stand by rescue to safety consulting. Before long, they also acquired Carson Safety.

“As Armour grew, it started utilizing Caron Safety as a major vendor on the industrial side,” says Derek. “It came to a point where it was a natural fit to acquire Carson.”

When they first considered purchasing a business, Ashley and Derek say it was suggested they consider financial assistance. “It was the best recommendation as it led us to the amazing team at CCDF!”

As Métis business owners, working with CCDF had a significant impact on Ashley and Derek. “It’s very reassuring to know there are resources out there that understand some of the roadblocks facing Métis entrepreneurs,” says Ashley. “The business world is not easy, but one thing that can be is the support that CCDF provides.”

As Ashley and Derek navigate owning and operating two successful businesses, they say a major goal is growing their business while maintaining a positive work/life balance. “It’s definitely made easier by having a solid team,” says Ashley. “It allows us to focus on growing the companies while still finding time to spend together.”

Thankfully, helping clients set and achieve new goals is CCDF’s specialty. “Ryan is very easy to work with,” says Derek. “His approach to helping clients attain their goals cannot be overlooked. It has made the whole process very calming and easy to accomplish.  I would recommend any qualified parties reach out and see how CCDF can help out!”