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Mary-Lou Halliday

uMary-Lou Halliday, Aloha K9 Training & Pet Resort, Regina By: Cassi Smith When Mary-Lou was just seven years old, she unknowingly spoke her dream into existence. “I actually said out loud, ‘When I grow up, I am going to be a dog trainer!’” 23 years later, she did...

Natalie Haslund

Natalie Haslund, Fin Salon, Lumsden By: Cassi Smith When you live in a small town, you know most people play more than one role. Teacher, employer, coach – a small population typically demands a certain amount of shared responsibility. And Natalie Haslund, owner of...

Perry Vermette – Perry’s Journey to the Family Business

Perry Vermette, Vermette Wood Products, Prince Albert By: Cassi Smith How many people can say they went from janitor – to CEO? It’s a feat likely not many can claim. But for Perry Vermette, his entrepreneurial trajectory resembles just that. What started with an entry...
Why it’s important to understand financial statements

Why it’s important to understand financial statements

Most of us didn’t start our business because we had a dream of being an accountant. However, as we learn through the journey, financial management is one of the most important skills we need to succeed as entrepreneurs. Financial management is the ability to plan and...

CCDF Contributes $79.1M to GDP over 5 Years

CCDF Contributes $79.1M to GDP over 5 Years

The Clarence Campeau Development Fund has released key findings from its Economic Impact Study, which suggest the Fund has contributed $79.1 million in GDP over the past five years. “We are incredibly proud to have made a sizeable impact in our communities,” said Pam...

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