Richarson Law

By: Cassi Smith

The number of Métis-owned and operated businesses is climbing in Saskatchewan. From trades to academia, Métis business owners are permeating every industry. And as of March 2022, Loree Richardson, J.D., joins the ranks. “The plan was always for me to open my own private law practice in Nipawin,” explains Loree. With extensive experience in a number of areas, Loree decided to open a general practice law firm in her hometown. “I’m trying to service my community as best I can with those areas of law that everyone needs assistance with.” Loree, who has always been proud of her Métis heritage, says it was her mother who encouraged her to look into funding for Métis entrepreneurs. “I did a quick search and found CCDF,” says Loree. “I didn’t anticipate the process to be as supportive as it was. It’s almost strange working with an organization that wants to give you money!”

As the sole lawyer at her firm, and a Métis woman from a small town, Loree says she’s used to having people doubt or scrutinize her work, but that wasn’t the case with CCDF. “As Métis people, we come from a complicated background. Many of us don’t come from privileged homes or generations of business owners. So for me, it was amazing having an organization like CCDF support me and want to see me succeed.” As Loree continues to advocate for her people and work hard for her community, she says it’s important for new business owners to seek out assistance whether that be practical or financial. “There’s a lot that goes into opening a business. Be ready for a rough few months, but don’t be afraid to reach out for help.”